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Everton Uruguay

Founded: 23 June 1920

Rosario: Population 14,000
Rosarina League Champions: 9 Titles
President: José Carlos Canela

Club Atlético Everton were founded in 1920 by railway workers who were completing the line from Montevideo. Although 11 years had passed since Everton FC had defeated the Uruguayan League in the capital, the name still had an attraction. As with the set-up in La Plata, the Club serves as a focal point for its local community with its own bar, indoor sports hall, restaurant area and “bocha” court (bocha is a version of bowls played throughout the world — except the UK).

The football team competes in the Liga Rosarina, which consists of just 6 teams. Each Sunday, all matches are played at one of the town’s football venues to enable full coverage from TV, radio and press. From next season the league will combine with that of the neighbouring town, Nueva Helvecia.

Ruleteros Tour to Uruguay 2009:

As with Club Everton La Plata, earlier contact had been made with the Uruguayans. The Group took the ferry crossing across the River Plate to the historic Uruguayan port of Colonia where they were met by representatives of the Club, Jorge and Hugo.

A pleasant afternoon was spent touring the city, which included an invitation to lunch at ex-Everton player Ruben Martinez’s restaurant. The evening was spent at a local bar with Club representatives (and the obligatory “parrillada”) before preparing for the big events the following day.

89th Anniversary:

The Club had postponed their 89th anniversary celebrations to enable the visitors to attend. The day started with a league game at the Colegiales found and an “eventful” game resulted in a 3-1 victory for CA Everton. From the match to the Club’s HQ where the cow slaughtered the day before was being slowly grilled above a log barbeque.

The party was attended by some 300 guests who ate, drank and danced the afternoon away. As proceedings drew to a close, gifts were exchanged between Club President, José Carlos Canela and John Shearon — Club pennants, shirt and an engraved commemoration framed plaque were presented to the visitors.

With the party in full swing, the visitors said their goodbyes as they had a ferry to catch back to Buenos Aires on the eve of the return home.