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Everton Argentina

Club Everton La Plata was founded in 1905 in the newly created capital of Buenos Aires Province, La Plata.
Although they have competed in the amateur league for the last 104 years they are referred to as “El Decano Platense” – the title given to the oldest surviving club in the city. In 1909, as a result of the successful tour of the region by Everton F.C. the members voted to change the name of the Club from “25 de Mayo” to Club Everton – despite some resistance from a few older members.

Since then the Club has thrived in the First Division of the La Plata League, providing its members with not only access to football but also skating, gymnastics, taekwondo, “frontón” as well as a library, bars, and restaurants. The Club is an example of how it is possible to involve the community in diverse and worthwhile activities.  This is not a unique set up within Argentina but a remnant of the community club set up developed mainly by Italian socialist immigrants at the end of the 19th century. The Club is thriving today with over 1,000 members and has recently acquired a new sports complex on the edge of town with three full size, floodlit pitches, changing and restaurant facilities.